Get Bail Bonds in Baldwin County, Alabama

What are bail bonds?

Bail bonds and bail are not exactly the same. Bail bonds are provided by a surety company and ensure that a defendant is released from jail.

There are two different types of bail bonds: criminal and civil bail bonds.

Criminal bail bonds are utilized in cases where criminal acts are involved. They guarantee both that the defendant will appear for trial, and that any fees or fines against the defendant are paid in full.

Civil bail bonds aren’t ever used in criminal cases. They are instead used in civil cases and ensure that debt, interest, and other associated costs against the defendant are paid.

It’s easy to see that not all bail bonds in Baldwin County are the same.

How do bail bonds become effective?

Bail bonds in Baldwin County usually require the defendant to pay a bail bondsman a percentage of the total bail. On average this is 10%.

As for the other 90%, it will be sought in the form of collateral. The bondsman might seek coverage from friends and family of the defendant if the defendant does not have enough collateral on his or her own. Collateral could include a home, stocks, jewelry, cars, or any other item(s) of value that are in the defendant’s name.

Once the bondsman has 100% of the funds and collateral needed, then and only then will a bail bond in Baldwin County be posted.

When the defendant appears in court

Once the case is deemed to be over, the bail bond dissolves and the defendant receives the collateral that was being held in their name. The bondsman will keep their profit (This was the cash that was paid out initially.).

When the defendant does not appear in court

If the defendant doesn’t appear for their court date, the bail bond is considered forfeited. In this case, the defendant’s collateral that they provided will be used to pay the rest of the outstanding bail bond amount.

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