Get Bail Bonds in Butler County, Alabama

How to get yourself a bail bond

Bail bonds in Butler County are an extremely common option for those who do not want to stay in jail but cannot afford the bail that was set for them.

To have a bail bond posted, a defendant must pay a bail bondsman 10% on average of the total bail. Then, the remaining 90% is sought by in the defendant’s collateral by the bondsman, plus the collateral of their family if need be. Collateral could include a home, vehicle, jewelry, stocks, or any other item of value in the defendant’s name.

Is it difficult to get a bail bond?

Bail bonds are one of the most dangerous types of bonds out there. This is because the success of the process completely relies on the defendant. By simply choosing to not appear in court, the bond’s responsibility then falls into the hands of the company that issued it. The company would then likely seek out the defendant to pay for any associated penalties or fees.

Did you know that bail bonds aren’t legal in all 50 states? They are legal in most states, but if you’re in need of a bail bond in Wisconsin, Oregon, Illinois, or Kentucky, you are severely out of luck.

When it comes to approval, this part of the process often isn’t easy. Bail bonds in Butler County typically require somebody to co-sign, which is a potentially huge and life-changing responsibility if things don’t end up going well.

Are some bail bondsmen more expensive than others?

The cost of a bail bondsman’s services depends greatly on the area, considering statutes and regulations. That means that bondsmen are usually regulated by the state. You can check out the lowest rates that are legally allowed by law in your area, since bonds are not allowed to be excessive or inadequate, related to the crime.

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