Get Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, Alabama

Example of a bail bond at work

To make it easier to understand bail bonds in Jefferson County, here is an example of how the whole process may occur.

Let’s use Tara as an example. Tara was arrested, with a bail set at $100,000. Tara doesn’t have that in cash, but she wants to get out of jail immediately. Tara would reach out to a bail bondsman to post bail for her.

If Tara’s bail is $100,000 and her bondsman requires 10% of total bail, the bondsman needs $10,000 dollars. Tara has paid the $10,000 required, and is now released from jail.

But there is still $90,000 remaining for this bail bond. So, the bondsman finds and secures collateral both from Tara herself and her family. They secure her and her husband’s cars and their jewelry.

At this point, Tara is required to appear at several different court dates, which she does. Then, the bondsman doesn’t need any more money or collateral. Once Tara’s case is finished, the bail bond is considered dissolved.

At the end of Tara’s case, she gets her $90,000 in collateral returned back to her. However, she does not receive the $10,000 that she initially gave to the bondsman. This is his payment and he keeps this as his profit for the work.

What if Tara didn’t appear in court?

In this case, the bondsman would’ve had to pay the court the remaining $90,000 of bail in Tara’s name. Then, a warrant would likely be issued for Tara’s arrest, for failing to show up in court.

What if Tara had paid in full?

If Tara had paid the $100,000 in full in the beginning of the case, she would be entitled to a full refund once the case is finished, no matter the outcome. Bail bonds wouldn’t have been required in this scenario.

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