Get Bail Bonds in Montgomery County, Alabama

How is bail set and decided?

TCourt judges are the ones who set bail for each and every case they see. But, most people understandably would rather get out of jail as soon as possible rather than wait around to see a judge. Because of this, there are schedules created for common crimes that include average bail amounts, making it easier for defendants to start working with a bail bondsman for bail bonds in Montgomery County if they decide to go that route.

In certain cases, before a defendant pursues a bail bond, they may request for a lower bail. If this is the defendant’s first court appearance, for example, they may be allowed to request as such.

Bail algorithms

In this interesting process, several details about the defendant and his or her crimes are entered into a system that calculates the bail amount based solely on these factors. Many factors are considered, from age to criminal history.

The program tries to understand the risk associated with this defendant not showing up to their court date, or committing crimes in the future.

What happens when there is no bail?

When people are released without bail, and therefore not requiring bail bonds in Montgomery County, they are released on their on recognizance, or “OR”. In this case, the defendant must promise via a signed document that they will show up for their court date.

People might be considered for OR if this is their first criminal offense, if they have family in the community, if they have a job, if they have always appeared for their past charges as required by the court, and/or if they have been a member of their community for many years.

First-time criminal defendants typically request being released “on OR” since they have no criminal history.

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