You might not be looking at or facing any time in jail, and you may not even know someone who is. However, you’re not an astrologist and you may not know what the future holds for you or your friend…not that astrologists do either. Therefore, you need to pray for the best, but prepare yourself for the worst. This means educating yourself on bail bonds terminology because even if you don’t need it, at least you’ll gain additional knowledge on a subject to reference later on. Here are the terms that you need to know:

  • What is Bail?

Bail refers to the price the defendant or another person has to pay in order to get out from jail. The bail will be granted once the bail is paid with another trial held following bail to determine if they need to be sent to jail or not.

  • What is Bail Bond?

Bail bond refers to the payment made to the court by the bail bonds company to get someone out of jail temporary. An insurance company will back the payment made by Authority Bail Bond. If the defendant appears to all court proceedings, the bail money is dismissed by the courts.

  • Who is a Bail Bondsman?

Bail bondsman is an agent that is licensed by the state to practice posting bails on someone else’s behalf. Bail bondsmen of Authority Bail Bond have all the necessary knowledge about the laws and regulations required to post bail successfully. They are given a percentage of the total fee given to post bail, which is determined by the court upon arrest of an individual.

  • What is an Indemnitor?

An indemnitor is a person that takes responsibility for the defendant accused of a crime by signing documents and handing over a fee to the bail bonds company for their release.

  • What is a Cash Bond?

Cash bond refers to paying the total amount of the bail to the court, without the help of the bail bondsman. They have to pay in cash or cashier’s check and prove to the court that they acquired the funds legally. When the trial ends, the cash will be returned to the defendant.

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