Posting bail is a lengthy process that both the defendant and the one posting bail for them have to go through. Even though Authority Bail Bonds will explain you the process in detail, it’s still better to have prior knowledge about the different types of documents that both of you may have to sign, which partly depends on the crime the defendant has been charged with. Here is the list of the six different bail forms:

1.    Citation Release

Police officers will come to your house and provide you with a citation release that states the time and date you have to appear in court.

2.    Surety Bond

Surety bond is a service offered by a bail bonds company such as Authority Bail Bonds to the defendant or the indemnitor that’s liable to pay the bail amount if the defendant misses court.

3.    Recognizance

When the defendant makes a promise to attend all court proceedings, the judge dismisses the bail fees. However, this only happens in high profile cases.

4.    Property Bond

Property bond is when a defendant provides the bail bonds company with documents of their property to keep as collateral.

5.    Immigration Bond

If the defendant is an illegal immigrant, their bail will be referred to the Federal bail bond that directly works in conjunction with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.

6.    Cash Bond

If the defendant is able to pay the full amount of their bail to the court, they will do it through a cash bond, which means that they won’t have to contact a bail bonds company.

Remember, that not all of these forms will be applicable to you, as the type of form you’ll be required to sign depends on the crime you’re charged with. For more information on the bail bonds process, please feel free to contact Authority Bail Bonds located in Montgomery, AL.


  1. Rhonda Young says:

    Our Son is disabled I’m his Mother I have Power of Attorney and he’s been put in jail while I wasn’t home and I don’t know how to handle the situation

  2. Joseph Larsouille says:

    I self surrendered myself to the sheriff office about one month ago. I was instructed by my attorney of the amount (very high) and the order to which the check should be made. Police officer called my attorney and told him the amount for the bail and check order.

    Mistake was made in regard of the check order. I went to the sheriff office and gave the cashier check but it was denied since it had the wrong “to order”. This led me to be arrested brought to jail until I finally was able to do a property bond which cost me 8% of the bail amount. When in jail, they said I could make a personal check but few hours later they told me they would not accept personal check.
    I spent 9 horrible hours in this place. First time ever.

    Question: Can I claim my out of pocket back (8% of bail amount) due to mistake from police officer and attorney? Can I bring this up to the judge upon arraignment coming soon? Would this make any difference?

  3. Zahra says:

    For property bond, is necessary to be in Canada? Or if you are in Canada any responsibility to look for person who make for him bail?

  4. Priscilla gonzalez says:

    My daughters dad name jose alberto perez had a warrent from Tulare county a warrent in kern county and got locked up in santa hes locked up in L.A. He was already out on bail from when he had got arrested in Tulare county.he did mot go to court thete so he was on the run and the 2 more warrents were put out on him fro shoplifing in kern county so i wanted to know if he can be bailed out again.we went to the bail bonds who bailed him out the first time but there giving us the run around it seems they dont know what to do because of all the warrents for him we gave tbem 900 dollars they asked from us.should we get the money back and go some where els can u plz help us out. ????thank u will be waiting for responce..ty

  5. Jenny says:

    Can I use the title of my paid off Jeep as Collateral for the bondsman to get my boyfriend out of jail?

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