What Requirements Do You Have to Meet to Post Bail for Someone?

When your loved one or someone you know ends up in jail, you’re stricken with grief. Seeing them behind bars is the worst feeling to have. What can you do to see them back home while their case is still in court? You can tell them to post bail, but what if they don’t qualify for it? Another option is for you to post bail on their behalf.

This could work if you meet all the requirements established by the bail bonds company. If your loved one is hauled off to jail in the middle of the night, you need to think quickly on your feet. You’ll need to provide Authority Bail Bond, a bail bonds company, with the following documents in order to get your friend or family member out on bail:

  1. Bail Bonds Premium

The bail bonds company requires the person posting bail on someone’s behalf to pay them a premium. In doing so, it makes you the indemnitor. A “premium” refers to the amount you need to pay for their services and the financial risks they have undertaken on behalf of your friend. You can pay the premium using money, credit card, or some other sort of financing.

  1. Documents

On the documents, you’ll be required to provide Authority Bail Bond with your current address, driver license number, social security number, and tons more. In total, there are about fourteen legal documents that you’ve to fill out and sign.

On the other hand, the defendant will be required to provide the company with a lot more information such as numbers of four family members, three references, work address, etc. If the defendant doesn’t attend a court hearing, you and the company will be liable to pay a hefty fee to the court.

  1. Collateral and Good Credit

Collateral is needed if the person taking responsibility for the defendant doesn’t have good credit, a job, and other factors associated with the inability to pay debt. However, a bond set for $10,000 doesn’t require collateral, unless the indemnitor doesn’t have good credit. If you’ve good credit, you can post bail that is higher than $10,000.

If you’re looking for a bail bonds company, look no further than Authority Bail Bond. Contact us now and Authority Bail Bond in Montgomery, AL, will make sure that your loved one is out of jail on bail quickly.

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