What Happens when the Defendant Skips Bail in Montgomery Alabama?

Defendants that get the opportunity to stay out of jail by being out on bail shouldn’t take it for granted. Most probably, someone close to them paid money to a bail bonds company such as Authority Bail Bonds, which is located in Montgomery, AL. Therefore, under no circumstances, they should skip bail and put their loved ones in jeopardy in return. What happens if the defendant skips bail or doesn’t follow the conditions of the bail?

When a defendant misses a court hearing without informing the court of the reason, the judge will issue an arrest warrant for the person. Issuing an arrest warrant automatically revokes the defendant’s bail. In other cases, the judge may impose extra conditions on the bail or increase the bail amount. In worst case scenarios, ankle bracelet or house arrest may be ordered by the judge as punishment for skipping bail. Suppose someone does miss a court hearing and comes to you to hide them for a couple of days. What would you do?

You’ll say no, of course. Harboring a person that’s wanted by the police for skipping bail is wrong and a crime in itself. You should immediately deny them entry to your house, even if it’s someone close to you. Instead of providing them a safe haven to hide, call Authority Bail Bonds immediately.

By contacting them and keeping them in the loop, they may again try to keep the defendant out of jail or persuade the judge that it was a misunderstanding on the defendant’s part and assure them that it won’t occur again.

More importantly, always give the defendant the benefit of doubt, as it may have genuinely slipped their mind. If you’re looking for someone to get you or someone you know out of jail on bail, call Authority Bail Bonds located in Montgomery, AL today.


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