How Can You Revoke Bail Through a Bail Bondsman?

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February 21, 2015
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February 26, 2015
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How Can You Revoke Bail Through a Bail Bondsman?

Did you decide to be generous and offered to pay the bail of a friend through a bail bonds company? Did you find out that your friend is planning to catch the next flight out to Spain? If you’ve concrete proof about your friend’s escape plan, immediately go to the bail bonds company that you posted bail through. If you have proof, here’s what you’ll have to tell a bondsman from Authority Bail Bond:


Set up a meeting with the bail bondsman to provide him or her with proof of your friend’s plan to escape.


Other people such as the defendant’s family or friends may know or have some proof of your friend’s plan to skip bail. If they refuse to divulge what they know, tell them that your mutual acquaintance committed a crime, and therefore shouldn’t be assisted.


After you have gathered additional proof against your friend —who by this time is not so much of a friend— hand them over to Authority Bail Bond. You should provide the bail bondsman with detailed information on the defendant’s plans to fly to another country. The bail bondsman will require you to pay fees to file papers to revoke your friend’s bail.


Next, the bail bondman will require a certified copy of the bail bond agreement from the court for which, you’ll have to pay fees for to obtain.


Now, it’s up to the bondsman to located the whereabouts of your friend and bring him or her back to court or put him or her in jail. At that time, you’ll be eligible to get the money you paid to the company on behalf of your friend returned to you.

If you’ve uncovered plans about your friend who has alternate plans for him or herself, contact the bondman quickly. If you’re looking to post bail for you or your friend, give Authority Bail Bond located in Montgomery, AL a call!

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